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Not important:

shipping mood :iconultimateequilibrium: Zonic + Hysarian :bulletgreen:
shipping mood :iconimagination-spirit: Negativiten + Veronica :bulletgreen:shipping mood :iconlugiathehedgehog123: Negativiten + Tayna :bulletblack:
shipping mood :iconnightshade-warroir: Negativiten + Pandora :bulletgreen:
askNegativiten :iconxxali-chanxx: :bulletblack:
askNegativiten :iconrebekathewolf74: :bulletblack:
Other Places you can contact me
Facebook:… or…
Skype: Username: sonic200046
Instagramm: Freaky4live
KIK: victorious4all
Sonic Robot Blast 2: Damien Thorn/ zonic / Negativiten
SSBB name: HAGAY code: 3611 - 7253 -2786


Only Human/ Anime idc chibis for now, maybe ill add sonic chibis someday.

+there wont be any background
Hatsune Miku Chibi by Freaky4live
Colored + Background
til man exists no more. by Freaky4live
His Day Will Come by Freaky4live
You didn't see anything by Freaky4live
Beats by Freaky4live
triple S by Freaky4live
Drawing With Background
Lucifer by Freaky4live
Killer Duo by Freaky4live
Let it Burn by Freaky4live
Words by Freaky4live
Coloring with no real Background
Ask Negativiten Questions by Freaky4live
What Is This by Freaky4live
Lineart: no coloring or Brackground





Freaky4live's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Zonic Tudor Diamond
Tengaku by Freaky4live
Age: 19
Birthday: 1.04.1995
Grown up: Canada
Height: 100 cm
Type: neutral
Job: Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Sex: Male
Religion: Christian
Realationship Status: Taken (for the 12th time e_e..)
Species: Hedgehog
Bodybuild: normal
Image: Player
Sexuality: Hetero
Voice: Canadian accent lol, high/friendly voice.
Marks: Yang Tattoo, Turqouise glowing Eyes
Hair Color: Brown (original Lavender)
Theme Song: Turn around…
Virgin? no ewe
Bio: Zonic is an famous Actor and Singer he got an incredible voice, in his Job he's loved but in privacy he's ignored. His Heart was broken by many Girls, and in school he got bullied, he never forgot all those negative things, that's the Reason he got a Drug problem. He's nice, caring and he is also broken. So the importend stuff now. Zonic is a BIIIG Player he gets EVERY girl he wants with his over powered acting, well girls watch out ewe. WHy is he a player? BECAUSE he wants revenge on every girl, because his heart was broken that much.


Negativiten Lucius Haunted
Sunrise by Freaky4live
Age: 17
Birthday: 6.06.1996
Height: 110 cm
Type: half god
Grown up: Italy - England
Job: Criminal
Sex: Male
Religion: Satanism
Realationship status: Single
Species: Hedgehog
title: Prince of Darkness / Prince of Hell
Bodybuild: strong build
Image: Bad Boy
Sexuality: Hetero
Voice: Dark voice, Russian accent, sexy voice ewe.
Marks: Anti-Christ Tattoo, fire-red eyes.
Theme Song's: Angels Among Demons…
Hair Color: Black
Virgin? nope
Powers: Hell Powers (Fire Bending, Shadow Bending) , Royal Hell Powers (Telekenises, Mind Controll, Magic, Killing People with the Mind)
Weakness: The 7 duggers of megido
Friends: Alisa Crystal (haha that's so sad, but like he gives a sh... about friends XD)
likes: training, getting more powerfull
disklikes: zonic, bitches, not loyal persons, a girl that cheats on him, priests, churches, crosses, the pope, jesus, christians, lazy students, grade under A+, fish, water, glasses, idiots, stupid people, people, too much people, girls that think their better than guys, girl that think their fuking strong, people that are thinking they could beat him, cute things, screaming and annoying children, the 7 duggers of megido, fake friends, useless demons, fat teachers, not trained people, angels, god, demonfighters, warriors of god, godguards, slow internet, fat n ugly girls that have a crush on him, TV, people that ignore him, people that think their better than him,
Bio: Negativiten 5 years old : Negativien Lucius Haunted was born at the 6.Juny1996 at 6:00 in the morning as the Antichrist. With help of satanism People he was getting a rich and in policy family. The Mother didnt know that Negativiten wasent her son. Well Negativiten grew up with them but everything changed when Negativiten became 5 years old, he started killing everyone that was standing in his way to get more power. Negativiten's adoption father found out that he was the Antichrist and the priest told him to kill him with the seven duggers of megido before its too late, he tought it was crazy so he first didnt do it, but as his wife was murdered he wanted also Negativiten to die. He went home to get Negativiten , of course hell didnt want Negativiten to die so it was hard to get Negativiten in the car and to the church, but he did reach the church he brought Negativiten in the church and placed him on a cross, he was about to stab Negativiten but it was too late, he did got shoot by the police.

Negativiten 12 years old: Negativiten joins a millitary school and there he finds out who he really is, the antichrist. he was shocked and he didnt know what to do, the devil forced him to kill people to get more power, Negativiten was in a fight between god and satan but at the end satan won and Negativiten accepted who he was, and started making Satan's wishes come true.

Negativiten 18 years old: Now Negativiten's on the way to rule the world, he's getting stronger and wilder everyday, he also did collect the 7 duggers of megido and did hide them that nobody could ever find them, and stop him.

Negativiten 25 years old: Negativiten's close before ruling the world, but one day he found out that the 7 duggers of megido were gone, plus that the christ will be reborn. Negativiten knew on wich day the christ will be born, so he let every boy that was born on that day killed, but this didn't do the trick because nazarena is still on earth. Negativiten starts collecting the 7 duggers of megido but he only did got 6, the most importent one, the first dugger of megido was still somewhere in england....argh Negativiten gets stabbed by the dugger and nazarena comes and kills him booo negativiten's dead the world is in peace yayayay e_e...or not? ewe

:new: Bio Updated :new:
Lucifer Satan
Lucifer by Freaky4liveLight by Freaky4live
Age: Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height: 120
Type: God
Grown up: Heaven
Sex: Male
Religion: Satanism
Realationship status: Not interested
Species: Hedgehog
Title: King of Darkness, King of Hell, Devil
Bodybuild: Strong Build
Image: Devil
Sexuality: Hetero
Voice: very dark, double voiced
Marks: Fire eyes, Fire Wings
Hair Colour: Black
Powers: extreme royal hell powers, demonic powers, angel powers, light, shadows, darkness
Weakness: Nothing, he's immortal
Likes: Winning, Power. Learning
Dislikes: God, Jesus, Angels, Christians
Bio: Lucifer also known as Satan grew up in Heaven, as an very wise, kind and generous angel .He became God's student, because he had a special ability like no obe had, he was able to control light like noone could. He also became best friends with Nazarena (Jesus) and he became one of the six most important angels in heaven, he was number 6 the most important one, the master of light. Everyone loved him. One day attacked the dark souls heaven, god told lucifer to help to warriors, so he did. But he had got hitten by a dark magic arrow right in the heart. It didnt injure his body, but it did injure his mind and personality. His sould became darker everyday and one day he tried to destroy heaven, nazarena stopped him and after that god banished Lucifer out of heaven. Lucifer was for months in a completley nothing, everything was dark and he didnt know what to do. He deciedet to take revenge on god and build up hell, he also learned how to use darkness and created his own living things, the demons. Lucifer also wants to take over the world but he can't go on earth because god also banished him from earth, so he created Negativiten, to help him taking over the world.
well i do have enough unfinished/ugly pictures to show you guys again : D

lets start with the oldie of the day -w-
I Will Murder You by Freaky4live

aww the good old Negativiten design lol ok lets go with the sketches, btw i want to finish one, tell me wich you would like to see done :3

alright the first sketch is a picture of something that happend a looong time agoA Long Time Ago by Freaky4live
Lucifer when he was an Angel with his love interest sitting on a cloud ;w; awww...

the next sketch was the first prototype of 'lets play with darkness' ..i think it looks more scary than this one that i uploaded.Lets Play With Darkness by Freaky4live
mhm -w- its scary isnt it?

alright next should have been a cover for the lucius series but the comic sadly got canceled (because im lazy -n-)
Just Him by Freaky4live

datbird XD

next one is a picture of lucifer again (ik theyre so rare) i was bored and i wanted to make some fanart of my chara -w-Apocalipse by Freaky4live
oh god im op in drawing trees XD

the next is a picture of the shipping mood journal, wich i never continued idk y..
Veroniviten by Freaky4live


the next is just a drawing i made because i was bored lol
Anothewr Negakun Sketch by Freaky4live

 alright thats all for now, tell me wich one you liked the most ;w; maybe im gonna finish that.


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:points:Point Comission:points:

:bulletpurple: if you want me to draw 2 Chara's then you have to pay + 10 Points
:bulletblack: it would help me if you would describe precisely what you want me to draw.
:bulletpurple: dont rush me i got a life too..kinda
:bulletblack: I only draw Sonic's
:bulletpurple: i dont draw sexuallity themes, violence is okay
:bulletblack: if you dont like the pic i can change it.
:bulletpurple: I only accept points
:bulletblack: Note me your Character.

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